A much needed vacation…

The final edits and formatting changes have been completed for Within the Ice.  The second to last draft of Out of the Ice is done.  Two copies of Out of the Ice arrived this week for test readers to enjoy for the week that I am on vacation.  Off to the warm sun and beaches of Florida for some R&R from writing and R&R from work.  It is indeed going to be grand.

I also get to begin my favorite part of writing, outlining.  I currently have four books ready to be outlined, most are completed in my head but I’ve yet to put them on paper.  So the down time I have over the next week I’m hoping to get at least one outlined.  The hardest choice is which to start first.  I am working on a new line of sci-fi books called the Battleframe Series.  I also have three new books planned for the Isiir Chronicles.  Finally, I have an unfinished stand alone project called the Valley of Lurn that I started and did not finish in my first attempted Nanowrimo in 2011.  Hmmm… choices choices…  Finally having the freedom to chose which book to write next is a great feeling after completing the Within the Ice Saga.

Either way, vacation abound, outlining coming, its going to be a fantastic May all leading up to the release of Out of the Ice in June!

Have a wonderful week!




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