Edit Time!

The 2nd releasable version of Out of the Ice has been completed.  After 3 months of editing, re-writing each chapter 2 times, adding commas, taking commas away, and GRAMMAR.  I’ve looked at these pages so many times I don’t believe I can even see the errors any longer.  I’m sure there are some.  This is the moment I’ve come to realize it is time to send it to an editor and also put it in front of test readers.  So with that in mind, I now have two copies of Out of the Ice on their way to me right now.  The first two copies of the book.

So, as I take a much needed hiatus from writing over the weekend I’m looking forward to see how well I did in my edits.

My current goal is to have the book released in June.  Only time will tell how many fixes remain for the new book.

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