Nanowrimo 2022

Nanowrimo 2022 is behind us and while I am a few weeks behind on a post-mortem post, I figured better late than never. The last few years have been a struggle for me as a writer. I started off on my writing journey in 2012 with a huge amount of vigor. Over the years, without…

Summer – I think…

So far, it has been a busy summer. Especially because I haven’t left the house in over 3 months. I went into a store yesterday and it was incredibly awkward. I even got fuel for my vehicle for the first time since April. First update, I have completed the first draft of Battle Engines: Flames….

Season’s Greetings

We have been gearing up for Christmas around the LaPolla household and making sure everything is in place for Santa.  We hope that all you out there have a great holiday week and may the New Year bring you many wonderful things!

Writer’s Expo

These last two weekends I had my first foray into the wider world of being an author.  Until now, this had been a mostly solo endeavor other than the work I’ve done with my editor or my beta readers but that has always been about my books.  During this event I got to interact with…

Library Appearance!

Status Update: We are gearing up for the Author Expo! Books are in hand, displays bought. Now we just need people to come and see us this weekend and the next! Will you be there?