Shadows in the Ice launches July 17th!

I am super excited to announce the launch date of Shadows in the Ice! I have been working on this book for years. It started as a novella called Eryn’s Tale, but I quickly learned my mistake when I released that book and created a very strange book list. I changed direction and to write the entire novel rather than break it up into parts.

Shadows in the Ice is the longest and most complicated book I’ve ever written, and I am proud of it. I have worked extremely hard on making sure it was free of errors and even hired a second editor to assure I missed nothing.

This novel continues the story of Devyn, Garet, Rana, and the rest of the family through their tribulations of raising the boy Eryn, who they found in the novel Out of the Ice. Eryn grows up bitter and angry about his murdered family and constantly seeks revenge. A mysterious figure propositions him into a quest for revenge, and he faces a choice. Follow the path of empathy that Devyn has tried to teach him or follow his lust for revenge?

I hope you join him on his journey and I hope you take part in this author journey I’m on!

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