Summer – I think…

So far, it has been a busy summer. Especially because I haven’t left the house in over 3 months. I went into a store yesterday and it was incredibly awkward. I even got fuel for my vehicle for the first time since April.

First update, I have completed the first draft of Battle Engines: Flames. I haven’t started editing yet because of my second update. I will begin editing in mid-July.

Shadows in the Ice is DONE… almost… I am doing my final read through. After getting through every chapter, I am loading it into my formatting tool. As of this morning, I am on Chapter 19 of 35. I get through about 3 – 5 chapters per day. So, I’m hoping by next weekend I am ready to have this project live.

My last update is a cool project I worked with one of my sword brothers on. I haven’t made a secret that I am obsessed with swords. My books are obsessed with swords. The man who runs the school I attend, Stephen Cheney, did a translation of the manuals we study and I helped him format his book and prep it for self-publishing.

Ringeck – Danzig – Lew were all students of Liechtenauer the sword master we study.

I strive for all of my stories to do the old masters of medieval sword fighting proud. I hope that it translates well. You will see words like wards, guards, etc. My editor tells me how these words are wrong and the program I use to further editing hates them. But I ignore them. My goal is for my books to use these manuals to put together realistic fighting that isn’t flashy but is brutal and visceral. I’d love to hear from everyone if I have accomplished this.

Anyone interested in these manuals should visit the free website or if you want to take the next step check out Stephen Cheney’s fencing manual:

It’s almost 9 am. Time to edit. It’s time to keep working hard on Shadows in the Ice. I am super excited to close out the first set of stories I’ve ever written.

Have a great day!

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