Missing Swords…

Like the rest of you, I am trapped in my home because of COVID-19. I am feeling extra confined because I have an underlying lung condition and cannot leave the house except for a walk. I haven’t been in a building other than my home for almost 2 months now.

One thing I miss the most is sword fighting. I take part in competitive steel fighting in a style called HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). My original intent was to join the HEMA community to make my sword fighting more realistic in my books. But, as I have always loved swords, I fell in love with the art and haven’t looked back since. I have been practicing HEMA for approximately 5 years and have taken part in a few tournaments.

Last Saturday would have been the latest tournament and I’m sad that I missed it. We have had a rather traumatic April, and it would have been good to blow off some steam by hitting some of my closest friends with steel. 🙂 In honor of the tournament that would have been I’d like to share some of my favorite fights I’ve ever taken part in.

It was an honor to fight with Kiana Shurkin, one of the best fighters in HEMA. This fight was exhausting and at one point we both smiled at one another and huffed. Not my best fight, I was very sloppy, but it was fun. I am in the blue and yellow socks to honor the colors of my state, Pennsylvania.
One of my best fights. I won 3 – 0, and I moved very well.
And to close out, this is me getting my butt whooped by Joe Conley. He was a great opponent, and we have become friends since. I look forward to fighting him again since this was 3 years ago, and I’ve improved.

One day, the world will open up again. Clumping together in groups will be safe and the glint of cold steel with flash under the lights. Until then, I will keep training alone, hoping that the day we can all congregate will be soon.

I hope everyone is staying safe. Staying separate. And WASHING THEIR HANDS!

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