Best-laid plans…

Sometimes, writing goes so smoothly it seems a dream activity. The words just flow and the story is amazing. I often hear of writers saying the stories write themselves and I myself have often said that.

Unfortunately, in writing Battle Engines 2 for the past few months that was not the case. I’ve been struggling to get the story to find its feet and I am throwing in the towel with this draft. *sad face*

So, as I go back the drawing board on the story I have changed direction and am once again trying to finish the draft of Eryn’s Tale that I also put on the shelf. Perhaps that’s the issue I was having is that to write the next Battle Engines I put off another story I had worked on. Something about finishing what you’ve started…

Fear not though, this will mean that you will get the best of both of these stories when they are finally done! Eryn’s Tale is already the longest story I have ever written with a epic story line that I cannot wait for you all the read. If you don’t know, I started writing that story with the intent on it being a 3 part episodic story. I quickly realized, as I learn this art of writing, that is not how I flourish and I have decided to put it out as one story. If you’d like to check out the first part you can pick it up here.

Apologies if I haven’t said much of late as this was me only a few weeks ago:

That’s me with a pack of ice on my face due to a surgery. I have trained for much of my life in martial arts and with swords and as a result my nose traveled in directions it wasn’t supposed to and breathing had become difficult. I’m happy to report my nose is fixed and breathing out of my nose is something that I can do.

I will keep you all up to date as to the progress on Eryn’s Tale as well as how I’m progressing with the story for Battle Engines 2!

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