Writer’s Expo

These last two weekends I had my first foray into the wider world of being an author.  Until now, this had been a mostly solo endeavor other than the work I’ve done with my editor or my beta readers but that has always been about my books.  During this event I got to interact with people that did not read my books and other authors.  It was hosted by the public library system in Bucks County Pennsylvania.  

Along with meeting a ton of readers and having a good time talking to them about my stories I also met another author who has manged to reach many more than me.  Marc Alan Edelheit, the author of Stiger’s Tigers and a fantasy book series about roman legions was there.  One thing that I love about being an author is how free everyone is with information.  There are some where this is a competitive act and they keep their secrets while most, usually those who have reached some success like Marc, tell you how they did it. 

So, while these events probably won’t lead to more than one or two more individuals reading my books I feel that I created at least a acquaintance with someone who has accomplished what I strive for.  And it helped motivate me to work my way through this Nanowrimo and the second book in the Battle Engines series.  

I’m at 29,500-ish words of the 50k that I need after being in a deficit of 7,000 words.  Hopefully, this November will be a good push forward for me on getting this book done and I can continue that through December.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate it this week!


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