Origins 2018


So, as you may have noticed, I’m a bit of a geek.  I write about monsters and magic and swords.  I like board games and role playing games and things of that ilk.  So, over the previous weekend I took a few days off from my boring day job and a few days off from writing Eryn’s Tale to take my son to Origins 2018 in Columbus OH.

The trip was good except for the fact my 2 year old vehicle decided that the air conditioner would be broken for a 7 and half hour 90 degree car ride.  But, with the unpleasant drive behind us the trip was fantastic and I got to introduce my son to the wonderful world of RPGs.

We chose to introduce him in the most traditional way possible and join a 5 Edition D&D game.  He got quite the introduction and my blue haired 13 year old son got to play with the lead game designer of D&D itself. Jeremy Crawford.


Most people likely don’t know who he is.  I sure didn’t.  But I think it is pretty awesome for my son to get to meet someone who created a game we were playing.  And, in fact, he was a fantastic Dungeon Master.

Origins overall was fairly awesome as well as we spent a weekend playing games and giving myself a good vacation from writing that I very much needed to work through the “middle” that I discussed in my previous post.

That being said, it worked!  I have finally finished the outline and the rework of Eryn’s Tale.  I expect that this entire book to be complete in a few weeks.  Then, editing, of course, and after that  a launch of the entire book in a few months.  I am very excited to finally complete the first three books in the Isiir series.

That’s all for now.  Back to the writing for me!


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