A funny thing happened…


Hello, again! I thought I would share a story – well a few stories – with you this week.

Cliff and I have two amazing kids. Our oldest is a 13 year old boy (BH) and our youngest is an almost 10 year old girl (Pod). Our son likes to spend most of his time holed up in his room playing any number of games. Our daughter does, too, but she is also super interested in all the goings on of her parents.

A few months ago, while we were at the table eating dinner, Pod told Cliff that she wanted to know what kind of writer he is. Cliff had told her that he must be an ok writer as people are buying his books though we didn’t feel that they were appropriate for her to read. Then, Pod got an idea. She gave Cliff a “homework” assignment. She had to write a short story for her, one that was appropriate for her to read since we don’t feel his current books are exactly appropriate for her.

Of course, Cliff was up to the challenge and felt it was a good way to take a break from “regular” writing to flex his muscles with a short story. He wrote about a young girl who finds out that the monsters her parents tell her about are real when she is kidnapped from her town by some weird creatures and called it Eyes in the Darkness. They are currently reading this story at bedtime and she has requested that it be printed in book form so she can read it whenever she wants.

Eyes-In-The-Darkness-3d_blankWhich comes to the second part of this post! Because my almost 10 year old daughter loved the story and wanted it published, we have decided to offer it to the whole world for free in ebook form on Amazon. Cruise on over to Amazon to get your free copy and decide if he deserves a good grade on his homework.

And remember, if you like it…leave a review!!


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