The End of Summer…

It has been quite some time since I posted and that is because I have been on a roller coaster summer since I released Eryn’s Tale Episode 1.  In May, Eryn’s Tale released, it wasn’t as booming of a release as I had hoped for but it performed decently.  After which time I completed the second / third drafts of Battle Engines and then the whirlwind began.

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a competitive long sword fighter, it is my goal to write stories that have realistic fighting.  In July, was one of the biggest sword events in of the year.  Longpoint.  Longpoint is an event that includes a tournament, classes, and training sessions.  It is quite possibly the biggest event in the HEMA community.  (Historical European Martial Arts).  We don’t dress up and go “thee and thou” but we study ancient manuals from 1100’s onward to recreate the art of fighting from those days.  It is a blast!  Here are some videos of me getting pummeled!

I’m in the blue and yellow socks… first is a sword and buckler video and the two others are long sword. (warning, videos can start loud, it is a very big loud room!)

I would love to hear from all of you who have read my stories if I am properly capturing the battles.  I want to capture a mix of drama along with realism to make stressful fights. After the tournament I was super bruised and beaten!  Afterwards, I took a few days to relax before a few work and family trips literally devoured the remainder of my summer.  Sadly, not much writing was accomplished…

So, with that being said, in my goal to also be completely transparent with my audience here is my two month plan:

Eryn’s Tale 2, which was supposed to be written in July will start on Monday.  For Nanowrimo, in November, I will be writing a stand alone book that I am deeming Aelaar Horror as I haven’t quite figured out the title yet.

Thanks everyone for listening to my random ramblings.  Let me know what you’ve thought of my books if you’ve read them.


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