At last! Eryn’s Tale!


Nothing is better than finishing anything.  And at long last I have finally finished Eryn’s Tale Episode 1.  This will be the first part of a three part novella.  Writing, Editing, more editing, MORE editing, and then polishing is all done.  I had an amazing book cover designed by Dragan Paunovic and now I’m just waiting for May 12th.

I will be taking the week of launch off for some R&R and then back to the grind editing Battle Engines.

That is what my next two months of writing looks like.  I’ll log in how my progress is going as I move along.  Today I start my first marketing campaigns as well and I will post up about how those are progressing.  Starting my first marketing campaigns is intimidating as hell, but with some help of the internet egg heads I’m hoping to not mess it up.

eryn's tale

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