So, the last time I posted was around November 24th.

I intended on posting more and posting throughout Nanowrimo and celebrating my success of writing 54,000 words in the event.  I finished Nanowrimo, but I missed the posting part due to many factors.  Daughter contracted pneumonia, I contracted pneumonia, a friend of mine committed suicide, and my family continued to get sick for 2 months.  I had intended on finishing the novel that I started in December and January but that failed miserably due to sicknesses.

Finally, after 2 entire months of just blah I think we are finally in the clear.  I have created a new plan for getting this book completed and will hopefully see it finished in March 10th.  In other news, we are still hard at work on Eryn’s Tale Episode 1 which is in Editing hell, but I am really looking forward to getting Eryn’s Tale Episode 1 and 2 out this year.  (That’s the goal anyway)

Battle Engines, which is the book I’m currently working on will likely see completion early 2018 after months of editing and reviews.

So, to keep myself honest, my goal is to see Eryn’s Tale: Episode 1 going live in April.  Eryn’s Tale: Episode 2 going live in late 2017 (Oct – Dec).  And Battle Engines going live between Jan – Mar in 2018.

We’ll see how that all works out.  Now, Back to writing!


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