Nanowrimo Day 21: 33,702 of 35,000 – Catching Up!

Happy Day 21 Nanowrimoers!  Nanoites!  … Wrimos.

I am currently at 33,702 so I am slowly catching up.  My goals are to use the next 4 days off to make up the lost time.  I foresee 50,000 words in my future!  I hope you do to.

One thing I have discovered during this Nanowrimo is an awesome tool that I will be using from this point forward that will let me track my progress like Nanowrimo all year long.  It’s called Pacemaker and is a completely free web application.  You can find it at  Below you can see my current progress and my daily word output.  This way of writing just feels right to my soul and I hope others can get equal enjoyment out of tracking their progress as I do.


Very excited to use that throughout the year and I’m looking forward to the final week where I will have most of my book completed.  The book I am writing I foresee going well past November though as it will likely be 70 or 80k words; with any luck I will be wrapping up my first draft mid-December.


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