Nanowrimo Day 16 – 24,415 of 26,666 words

The middle of Nanowrimo is always the hardest.  By day 16, one has been writing for half a month every day, you’ve experienced days where the words wouldn’t flow and other days where you’ve written 1666 words as easy as breathing.  The other part of day 16 which is unfortunately is the sun goes down by 4:30, so writing in the afternoon feels like bed time.  That is the nature of writing.

For me, I’m currently behind due to some election depression last week but I have consistently been writing 1700 – 2000 words per day and I’m sitting at 24,415 words.  That puts me at about 2,200 words less than I need to be but I plan on making this up over the weekend.

Not the most exciting update here, but it is what it is. Back to writing!



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