Nanowrimo Day: eh…

I, like many citizens of the United States, am currently reeling from the results of the election.  I try not to use this is a personal blog and I try to leave my opinions out of this area but at this time I cannot.  I feel as if my heart has been broken by the way the country I love has acted.

Taking policies aside, we elected a man that ran on hate and racism and misogyny.  That is unacceptable.  To make matters worse, I have family members who voted for him.  I know everyone touts how you shouldn’t let things like this effect your family and friendship, well, I disagree.  Voting for hate is unacceptable.  And that is not something that should not be disputed.

Anyway, enough of politics.  I am super behind on my writing due to a major depression falling over me for Nanowrimo.  I’m at 15,003 of the 18,333 needed by today.  That number will be 20,000 tomorrow.  My weekend will be filled with words, words, and MORE  WORDS!!!

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else is struggling after the tidings of Tuesday.

Good luck everyone!


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