Nanowrimo Day 5 and 6

Nanowrimo Day 5 and 6. My writing suffered yesterday as I said goodbye to a great man. My Great Uncle Angelo, who lived 102 years was laid to rest at the sound of a trumpet playing taps. His death sadly means that I no longer have any living member of grandparents in my family and we can only remember their past in our memories now. He will be missed and I will never forget the stories of my family being tailors in Bristol and the way the world was back in the 20s, and 30s.
But onto my work… I had to make up quite a bit before I could call it a day for writing. So, today I wrote 3,014 words to make up the differences leaving me at 10,629 of the 10,000 needed today.
I may write some more tonight but for now, its time for a break as my brain feels like jell-o.
I hope all the other wrimos out there are finding success!

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