Nanowrimo Day 23 – A sizzle and a pop

Well, Day 23 is now behind me.  I’m officially at 41279 words in my Battleframe novel.  There is going to be a ton of editing when I’m done with this one as its not exactly coming together as easily as my first two books.  My other stories just jelled into a beautiful system of words that became a book, this is becoming a series of badly written scenes that are going to take some love to turn into something anyone wants to read!

Of course, besides things not coming together as I expected I also had another exciting event.  My computer decided to do its best impression of the great thunder god THOR and burst forth a bolt of lightning from its might hammer and strike my power supply dead!  The explosion rocked my computer desk and blasted my the side case of my so loudly that people from my wife’s computer through teamspeak heard it.  It was quite the event and thankfully superficial as I did not lose anything because it ended up just being the power supply and did not take any major pieces with it.



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