Why this will likely be my last Nanowrimo…

Over the past four years I’ve taken part in Nanowrimo every year.  I have built my writing career around this time where I trudge through writing 50k words in a month.  This has been good to me and has helped me produce my first two novels.  Within the Ice was released in 2014 and Out of the Ice was released a few weeks ago.  I love Nanowrimo.  Unfortunately, like the sad animal which you know will be put down if it comes home with you I have to throw rocks at this beast, Nanowrimo needs to be driven away.  I have entered a new chapter in my writing and I’m hoping that I can produce significantly more material in 2016.  To be a successful writer you have to produce utilizing Nanowrimo to do this is too slow.  I know I know, there are strategies I could use but this is a personal choice where I begin writing novels 365 days a year rather than focusing on large writing binges on a particular month of the year.

Let me be clear though.  I love Nanowrimo.  And for those starting out or needing that escape for a month to push yourself it is amazing.  Unfortunately, this does not meet with the strategy of producing multiple books in 2016.  My goal is to release 1 – 3 Batteframe episodes and 2 Eryn’s Tale episodes in 2016.  That’s 4 to 5 30,000 word books and will not allow for a month to produce 50k words.

Nanowrimo, you’ve been good to me and I shall miss you.  And I completely reserve the right to take all of this back and write during 2016 Nanowrimo once again.  Either way, 2015 is still before us and in it I am hoping to write the first two episodes of the Battleframe stories.  Looking forward to it!


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