Isiir Revealed, Writing Tools and Upcoming Nanowrimo

It has been quite awhile since I have posted.  Summer, finishing Out of the Ice, and a gaming addiction have a lot to do with that to be honest.  I’ll try to be better.  Out of the Ice is almost complete as I am doing a final read through and hope to have it done in early October at this point.  It should be available shortly after that on Lulu and then a few weeks later on Amazon and the other sites.  I’m very excited to get the conclusion of the Within the Ice Saga out there.  And I’m also excited to move onto other projects.  But enough about my progress, I’m going to post about tools and Nanowrimo coming up in November.

Often people ask me what tools I use to do all of this, because unknown to anyone but mostly me is the amount of stuff behind any of these books.  First off, I designed my entire world of Isiir using a tool known as Fractal Terrain 3 (Here!)  This gives me the basic outline of my world.  Granted, I modify the world to fit what I want it to look like.  And without further ado, welcome to Isiir my friends.  This is the first time anyone outside of myself has seen Isiir.


Northspire, the town in our story, sits upon the very northern tip of the western coast of the giant Isindril sea which dominates the land.  It feels good to finally get that out there.  I’ve been creating maps and erasing them for three years trying to find one that I liked and gave off the vibe of Isiir.

Secondly, for the details of the map I export that entire map into Campaign Cartographer where I put cities and political lines on this thing.  Unfortunately, this I am not ready to share yet as it is not yet complete.  Achieving an outline of the world was my first step.  But campaign cartographer can be found here!

Next, which is completely unrelated to the map, I create the history of the world.  I hope to my readers it seems obvious but there is a lot of backstory to Isiir and Within the Ice that I am not creating out of thin air as I write.  I have created the entire history of Isiir in a program called Aeon (here!).  From the beginning of time all the way to the future after the Within  the Ice saga exist here.  The Isiir Chronicles were never meant to be a linear series, I will jump around and work on another project that takes place 100,000 years before this or 1,000 years after randomly.  Whatever catches my fancy at the time.  Aeon is the program that allows me to do this and not screw up my timelines.  I also use it for the individual stories so that I know exactly what’s happening with multiple story arcs.  For example in within the ice, I have Eldgrim, Graen, and Devyn all moving at the same time, its easy to have story lines not work together unless you have some visual.

Finally, the most important tool of all that is required regardless of any of the above is Scrivener (here!).  This tool is invaluable to me.  From my outlining all the way to the publishing this tool handles ALMOST everything.  I start by creating a Overview sheet which becomes my synopsis.  Then, an outline sheet is made where I write out the goal of every chapter.  After that is done I create a folder for each chapter which allows me to organize my sections of each into their own sheets.  It then allows me to format the entire book for publishing.  The only downside to this entire program is that it has terrible Image and front matter support.  So I’m required to have a third party software to merge my front matter, back matter, and all other types of matter so that it doesn’t mess with the page counters and the like.  Rather irritating but only a minor downside.

That’s it for the tools I use.  Now, onto Nanowrimo.  As I write this it is September 26th.  I’ve been working on Out of the Ice for a year at this point.  I started an outline for it in October 2014 and hopefully will have it published by then.  I am going to take a break from the fantasy world of Isiir and I’m going to move onto a new series.  My Battleframe series which is a sci-fi world involving large robots and war.  This is an experiment for me as I’ve never written Sci-fi before and what better place to test my mettle than Nanowrimo.  This book will be part of a 4 or 5 book series (I want 5 but you never know) with the following names: Battleframes: Tinder, Battleframes: Sparks, Battleframes: Flames, Battleframe: Embers, ???… no idea if there will be a 5th or what the name will be.  It’ll be a surprise for all of us.

I will be tracking my progress here daily and perhaps in a vlog… we’ll see… Also, please check out the book status page where I track ALL of my stories using Trello.  Have a great day!

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