Finally… a post

It has been a long time since I’ve posted.  The reason for this is every moment I’ve spent writing, I’ve spent editing my latest book.  Finally, I came up with a name that I didn’t hate and I am 18 chapters through editing this 23 chapter manuscript.  Once I have completed my latest edits, I will hand it over to my editor for them to tear to shreds.  One set of advice for everyone who writes, be prepared to have what you think is amazing to be torn to shreds.  Be open minded and be prepared to discover that your well thought out idea is not well thought out.

I briefly pondered over taking part in Camp Nanowrimo…  I finally decided against this as I think if I was to pump out another 50k words, it would be better spent working towards my goal of releasing my second book in June.

If anyone taking part in Camp Nanowrimo right now would like some advice, for whatever it is worth to someone who has completed it successfully twice, don’t read your book!  Write my friend.  Write!!!  Don’t read about writing, don’t talk about writing.  Sit your butt in the chair and write.  You will write crap, it will be terrible.  Your stomach will churn over how bad your writing is.  It doesn’t matter!  Write!  As cheesy as this is, the only bad word is the unwritten one.

As a teaser to latest book, here is the latest and final draft of the cover of the new book.  I cannot wait for everyone to read it.


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