First Draft Completed!

It’s done!  First draft of the second novel is complete.  While there is still a ton of work to accomplish over the coming months I feel very proud of this feat.  In 91 days I wrote 78,099 words which when compiled equates to 310 pages.  I am extremely happy with the outcome, in doing my first edit of the first 3 chapters not every other word was wretched.

Currently, I’m going to be complete my first edit on my own before handing it off to my lovely wife and editor to tear to shreds.  My next goal, which I use my blog, twitter, and Facebook to keep myself in check with is to have all revisions completed by June for publishing.

I will admit one thing, I love writing.  The entire process is fun and when I reach flow I can lose myself to hours of just ideas just flowing out of me.  When I’m in the creative mode there is not a moment that goes by that I am not thinking about my book or how to make it better.

But then that part of writing ends.  A long dark hall awaits, with a light twinkling in the distance but for every step you take it grows a bit further.  Every time you think you are closer to that light it grows further and further.  That is editing!  Every time I love a paragraph, a sentence, a word… I read it again and I hate it.

Clearly, the only option is to write perfectly the first time! 🙂  Until I can reach that state, editing away I go!


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