Within the Ice is finally out there.

Late July 2014 Within the Ice is finally available at all retailers in all formats.  It took quite a long time to get through the entire process of edits to the ebook editions.  But the process of getting this book completed has been incredibly educational and now for the next novel this should go much more smoothly.  Please, anyone who has purchased my books please share it with your friends and tell people about the novel if you enjoyed it.  Also, comments on the barnes and noble and amazon web sites would be fantastic.

For more updates around Within the Ice and the Isiir Chronicles.  I have completed the outline for book 2.  It looks like it will end up being 23 chapters long.  That’ll change when I get down to writing it.  My plan is to begin writing the novel in August and completing the manuscript first draft by the end of Nanowrimo in November.  My goal will be to release a stand alone version of the novel and a combined version of the novel in June of next year.

That’s all for now!


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